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  • See you in 8 days

    See you in 8 days

    As I mentioned in my last post, February is the month of business in the Year of Sagely Living. I have found that to be successful in business it is […]

  • Surfing in La Jolla

    Surfing in La Jolla

    Back from La Jolla and a week at the beach. The week wouldn’t have been complete without a surf lesson. I didn’t have my camera, but luckily someone caught a […]

  • Living in Accord with Nature (Part II)

    My recent trip to Costa Rica reminds me of my post from January regarding living in accord with nature. I am always struck by how well I feel in Manuel […]

  • Culture Shock

    Vacations are a good opportunity for introspection; they help to give you perspective, a chance to critically examine one’s current life and lifestyle with those of people’s in other locations/countries, […]

  • I caught a bug in Costa Rica!

    I caught a bug in Costa Rica!

    All it took was an hour private lesson, and I must admit, I am hooked. Kowabunga! Video:

  • Off To Costa Rica

    Off To Costa Rica

    Heading back to Manuel Antonio, where there are “still more monkeys than people.” Be back in a week.