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  • ▶ Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D. talks about The Effects of Toxicity on the Modern World – YouTube

    ▶ Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D. talks about The Effects of Toxicity on the Modern World – YouTube

    Please take a listen to Dr. Hammer explaining a bit on toxicity. Towards the end he references the article that we published on the impact of electromagnetic radiation (cell towers, […]

  • Aspartame by any other name is still Toxic

    Aspartame renamed to avoid the stigma. Check it out here:

  • NJ Vaccine ‘Choice’

    Please read: Call-in ALERT !! We are quickly approaching the Jan.1 deadline for NJ’s mandated flu shotWe just don’t know how many kids will be excluded from daycare & pre-school […]

  • More Organic Bytes….

    DISTURBING NEWS OF THE WEEK: TOXIC SOUP OF PLASTIC TWICE THE SIZE OF U.S. FORMS IN OCEANThe University of Hawaii is set to launch an expedition with the goal of […]

  • News Alerts from the Organic Consumers Association

    News Alerts from the Organic Consumers Association

    CONSUMER ALERT:CANCER-CAUSING INGREDIENT FOUND IN LEADING “ORGANIC” & “NATURAL” PERSONAL CARE PRODCUTS A newly released study commissioned by the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) and overseen by environmental health consumer advocate […]

  • Tell EPA to Ban Toxic Pesticide Endosulfan

    I cam across this alert from the Organic Consumers Association: ———-2/8/2008 EPA WANTS YOU TO DECIDE — SHOULD TOXIC PESTICIDE BE BANNED?The EPA has opened a public comment period on […]

  • NJ Vaccines

    Please support this legislation to create a ‘conscientious belief’ exemption to mandatory vaccines in the state of NJ. Most states currently have this in addition to the medical and religious […]

  • What’s In Your Fish?

    This article is a must read if you or your loved ones eat fish. Get it here.

  • Can You Be Cured?

    On Friday night, I hosted Lama Lobsang who lectured on Tibetan medicine. One of the more notable things I wanted to share from that talk was the following statement: If […]

  • Environmental Toxins Killing 13 Million Children per Year

    excerpted from organic consumers newsletter:The World Health Organization (WHO) has released the most extensive research to date on the impacts of environmental toxins on children’s health. The report indicates that […]