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  • Acupuncture Politics

    Politics and powerful lobbyists have infiltrated the profession of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Today marks a significant decline in the profession as chiropractors have finally managed to influence the New […]

  • Can You Be Cured?

    On Friday night, I hosted Lama Lobsang who lectured on Tibetan medicine. One of the more notable things I wanted to share from that talk was the following statement: If […]

  • The Art of Diagnosis

    The art of diagnosis is disappearing and I take this as a very sad occurrence. One of the problems, perhaps, is that western medicine and scientists try so hard to […]

  • The Four Examinations, Part 6 (Palpation Diagnosis)

    Palpation Pulse: (mostly TCM here, not Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis, except for a few concepts) Left RightDistal = cun (inch) = heart and small intestine lungs and large intestineMiddle = […]

  • Do you have a pulse?

    Often people check the pulse to see if someone is still alive. In Chinese medicine, this is no different. In our medicine, however, we are checking for life, or health, […]