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  • A Good Time To Be Born

    When is the right time for a baby to be born? The obvious answer is when he/she is ready. But so often this momentous occasion is interfered with, expedited, hurried […]

  • Spring is here (almost)

    Spring is here (almost)

    Tonight spring has arrived, and as such we are transitioning from the dormancy of winter (water – Kidneys) into a time marking the renewal of life (wood – Liver). Technically, […]

  • Nurture v. Nature (cont’d)

    Recently I was watching a great documentary on multiples in the womb. It highlighted the numerous stages of gestation and the interactions between the brother and sister fetuses while in […]

  • An Inconvenient Truth

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen this movie before tonight. I strongly encourage everyone to watch it and to do what they can to implement lifestyle changes to save our […]

  • Living in Accord with Nature (Part II)

    My recent trip to Costa Rica reminds me of my post from January regarding living in accord with nature. I am always struck by how well I feel in Manuel […]

  • Living in Accord with Nature

    One of the paramount lessons that Chinese medicine teaches is the importance of living in harmony with the cycles of nature. When one resists our ignores these cycles, imbalance sets […]