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  • The Evolving Nature of Healthy Habits

    The Evolving Nature of Healthy Habits

    by Ann Tomoko Rosen It’s January, which typically means that a many of us have taken inventory and are recommitted to making healthy habits that we will finally stick with […]

  • Should You Exercise If You Have Adrenal Fatigue?

    Nice to see some of western medicine addressing this most important issue.  For more info you can also read our article here: https://www.acupunctureandherbalmedicine.com/the-dao-of-exercise/ Should You Exercise If You Have Adrenal […]

  • The Dao of Exercise

    The Dao of Exercise

    by Ann Rosen and Ross Rosen Why less may be more when it comes to exercise Limit Cardio workouts and vigorous exercise. This is something that regularly meets resistance when […]

  • On Heart Rates…

    On Heart Rates…

    Please click on the link below for a short tutorial on healthy heart rates according to my lineage of Chinese medicine.  A short video I made a few years back […]

  • “Year of Sagely Living”

    The mark of the superior physician has traditionally been a high degree of cultivation. Eastern medicines have long held the scholar-warrior-physician as the benchmark for all doctors to aspire to. […]

  • Getting to the Heart of Exercising

    Is exercise good for one’s health? Before you answer that question, ask yourself how you define health. Do you really have an understanding of health or do you, like western […]