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  • Healthy Nutrition

    Proper nutrition is one of the most important things that we can do to ensure good health. In Chinese medicine, we say that the Spleen-Pancreas (hereinafter Spleen) is responsible for […]

  • Cloned Animal Products Soon to be on Grocery Shelves

    I came across this interesting alert and thought you might be interested. It’s from the Organic Consumers Association: CITIZEN COMMENTS NEEDEDFDA APPROVES FOOD FROM CLONED ANIMALSDespite a September survey found […]

  • Vitamin D

    Interesting information on Vitamin D. Meant to be read in conjunction with the prior post and articles on cod liver oil. The Miracle of Vitamin D

  • Cod Liver Oil

    While I know that this may not be news to many of you, the health benefits of cod liver oil is staggering. After reading more about this superfood recently, I […]

  • How red do you like your meat?

    I just came across this video. Take a look here.

  • Reduce your calories and live longer!

    The relationship between calorie restriction and longevity is a sound one. My friend, Dr. Stickley, has posted on this subject. You can access his article here. Also read my comment […]

  • Splenda far from Splendid

    The amount of food products containing Splenda and other sugar substitutes like aspartame and the sugar alcohols is increasing exponentially. Being marketed as a “healthy” alternative to refined sugars is, […]

  • The Skinny on Butterfat and Raw Milk

    So many natural health foods have been co-opted, denatured and ‘preserved’ for the profit of the large food conglomerates. They have even manipulated some of the labeling (organic) that allows […]