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  • Ross Rosen teaching on Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Shock and Trauma

    Please join me at Kamwo Herbs on Tuesday June 18th at 7pm. Here’s the link to register:  http://www.meetup.com/chinesemed-62/events/122712472/ The Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Shock and Trauma: A common block to […]

  • Why are we so afraid to get sick?

    I wrote this as a comment on a friends blog, but thought I’d re-post it here as well: 1. There is no magic point prescription to prevent getting sick. One […]

  • Formula Families

    Currently reading and appreciating “Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine” by Huang Huang. The organization of the book is simple and direct, dedicating a chapter each to the formula […]

  • Multiple Systems

    One of the great strengths of Chinese medicine is the ability to utilize multiple systems of diagnostics and treatments seamlessly in any given patient. Today is a small example: 90 […]

  • COM, CCM: bridging the gaps

    One of my goals as a practitioner of Chinese medicine and, in particular, Contemporary Oriental Medicine and Classical Chinese Medicine is to see the links between these two lineages. One […]

  • January Update on the Year of Sagely Living

    The YSL is off to an ambitious start; which makes sense as everything in my life is ambitious to some degree: busy acupuncture practice, thriving family with three children; PhD […]

  • Sleep Your Way To Being Thin

    A very interesting discussion by my teacher Jeffrey Yuen related decreased metabolism (and metabolic issues) and lack of sleep. The idea is that we are highly affected by seasonal/climactic factors […]