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  • “Hand of Hope”

    “Hand of Hope”

    An amazing picture that I just came across. Perhaps others have seen this before, but I thought I’d post it just in case you haven’t. A surgery was done on […]

  • Our Girl Has Arrived!

    Tatum Devani Rosen (“Cheerful Shining Celestial Goddess Full of Spirit”) was born at 5:05 am and is perfect. Ann as usual did amazing.

  • Labor of Love?

    Game on. Ann’s in labor. About 4.5 cm dilated. Regular contractions. We should have a new addition to the family in a couple hours……

  • A Good Time To Be Born

    When is the right time for a baby to be born? The obvious answer is when he/she is ready. But so often this momentous occasion is interfered with, expedited, hurried […]