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  • Organ without form: Triple Burner?


  • Why Pulse?

    Why Pulse?

    Below is an article recently published in Golden Flower Chinese Herbs’ fall 2016 newsletter. WHY PULSE? By Ross Rosen Dao gives birth to the One One gives birth to the […]

  • Top Doctor Exposes Monsanto As The Cause Of A Huge Autism Spike! | True Activist

    Very important. Not just autism from dietary consumption of it but also in vaccines. Also dietary correlations to breast cancer, celiac, vitamin D defic, Liver toxicity and more. Watch… Top […]

  • Chinese ‘thunder god’ herb stops arthritis pain better than prescription pain meds – NaturalNews.com

    Chinese 'thunder god' herb stops arthritis pain better than prescription pain meds – NaturalNews.com.

  • Multiple Systems

    One of the great strengths of Chinese medicine is the ability to utilize multiple systems of diagnostics and treatments seamlessly in any given patient. Today is a small example: 90 […]

  • Can You Be Cured?

    On Friday night, I hosted Lama Lobsang who lectured on Tibetan medicine. One of the more notable things I wanted to share from that talk was the following statement: If […]

  • State of Mind

    There is no more important determinant of one’s health than the state of mind. Of course, genetics, constitution, lifestyle habits, etc. have a large impact, but the power of our […]

  • Breast Cancer

    A nice article on breast cancer. Interestingly, I just heard today that it takes approximately 8 years for breast cancer to show up on a mammogram. Best protection is early […]

  • Cancer Theories

    This was an article I wrote just after graduating from Chinese medical school. I have just read it for the first time in many years and thought I’d share it. […]

  • Lung Cancer

    OAT CELL LUNG CANCER History: Patient is a 60 year old female with a chief complaint of oat cell Lung cancer. The cancer was diagnosed approximately 1 year prior to […]