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  • Back Pain

    Patient Last Name: WA99 Patient First Name: JTreatment Date and Time: September 23, 1999Sex and Age: Female, 21 1. Chief Complaint: Back Pain from MVA since May 1999 2. Medical […]

  • Impotence

    Patient Last Name: Dv00 Patient First Name: ATreatment Date and Time: 5/13/00Sex and Age: Male, 29 1. Chief Complaint: impotence2. Medical History:Present Illness: the onset of patient’s illness was approximately […]

  • Amenorrhea

    History:S is a 32 year old actress and writer with a 16 year history of secondary amenorrhea. She stopped menstruating at 16, when she was also suffering from anorexia nervosa. […]

  • Case studies

    As many people reading these blog posts are not practitioners of Chinese medicine and aren’t familiar with the concepts thereof, I thought I’d post a series of case studies to […]

  • Spring is here (almost)

    Spring is here (almost)

    Tonight spring has arrived, and as such we are transitioning from the dormancy of winter (water – Kidneys) into a time marking the renewal of life (wood – Liver). Technically, […]

  • Nurture v. Nature (cont’d)

    Recently I was watching a great documentary on multiples in the womb. It highlighted the numerous stages of gestation and the interactions between the brother and sister fetuses while in […]

  • Nurture v. Nature

    This debate has been going on forever. I don’t have an answer! But I was recently thinking it very convenient to blame so much of our health problems on genetics. […]

  • Dang Gui, Estrogen, Cancer Protection

    For years the debate has raged as to whether herbs with estrogenic properties contribute to the formation of cancer and thus should be avoided by those with cancer, those with […]

  • Call for Comments

    My motivations for blogging are many, but one is to create a forum for the discussion of topics in alternative medicine and healthy living. As such, I would encourage those […]

  • The will to change

    In the previous post I mention how acupuncture and herbs spark the process of change by bringing awareness of the root of one’s struggles. This awareness is a linking of […]