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  • A Good Time To Be Born

    When is the right time for a baby to be born? The obvious answer is when he/she is ready. But so often this momentous occasion is interfered with, expedited, hurried […]

  • The Role of Intention

    One of the least talked about aspects of medicine and healing is the role that our intention plays in this process. And healing most definitely is a process. Most healing […]

  • Breast Cancer

    A nice article on breast cancer. Interestingly, I just heard today that it takes approximately 8 years for breast cancer to show up on a mammogram. Best protection is early […]

  • Cancer Theories

    This was an article I wrote just after graduating from Chinese medical school. I have just read it for the first time in many years and thought I’d share it. […]

  • Nail Biting

    As nail biting is so common I thought I would share a case of how Chinese medicine can treat even such a seemingly benign habit by understanding and reframing the […]

  • Inspiration


    This week I had the pleasure of hosting Lama Doctor Tsewang Ngodrup Rinpoche in my home and office and sitting in with Him during a series of medical consultations. Never […]

  • Skin Brushing

    The following is an excerpt from The Complete Book of Chinese Health & Healing, by Daniel Reid: One of the best ways to cleanse the entire lymphatic system is by […]

  • Healthy Nutrition

    Proper nutrition is one of the most important things that we can do to ensure good health. In Chinese medicine, we say that the Spleen-Pancreas (hereinafter Spleen) is responsible for […]

  • Lung Cancer

    OAT CELL LUNG CANCER History: Patient is a 60 year old female with a chief complaint of oat cell Lung cancer. The cancer was diagnosed approximately 1 year prior to […]

  • Indigestion

    Patient Last Name: S Patient First Name: JTreatment Date and Time: . May 12, 2001Sex and Age: Male 48 Profession: Artist 1. Chief Complaint: Indigestion and Stomach Pain for 15 […]