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  • Ross and Ann Interview on MS & Me Radio

    Ross and Ann Interview on MS & Me Radio

  • What’s the Harm?

    What’s the Harm?

    by Ann Tomoko Rosen “First Do No Harm” This phrase – attributed to the Hippocratic Oath, the Greek medical text that medical practitioners around the world consider a rite of […]

  • Acupuncture & Herbs Beat Drugs For Fallopian Tube Infertility

    Acupuncture & Herbs Beat Drugs For Fallopian Tube Infertility.

  • Ross Rosen Lecture

    The lecture I did last week on Chinese medicine, and in particular, on my upcoming book is now available at the following link. Please let me know your thoughts. Best […]

  • Ross Rosen interview on Blog Talk Radio

    Ross Rosen interview on Blog Talk Radio

  • Therapeutic Relationship

    The ultimate aim of Chinese medicine is to treat the individual and the cause(s) of disease by distinguishing the individual from his or her illness. It seeks to understand and […]

  • Aspartame Documentary

    Aspartame Documentary

    Sweet Misery – A Poisoned World.avi1 hr 29 min 41 sec – May 26, 2007Average rating: (318 ratings)Description: Excellent documentary showing how dangerous artificial sweetner Aspartame is. From its history, […]

  • The Seasons

    When asked how many seasons we have or how long each season lasts, many would argue 4 and that they last 90 days each. In Tibetan and Chinese medicine, we […]

  • Acupuncture Politics

    Politics and powerful lobbyists have infiltrated the profession of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Today marks a significant decline in the profession as chiropractors have finally managed to influence the New […]

  • Coca Cola and Chinese Medicine? I don’t think so!

    Big pockets are constantly trying to cash in on alternative medicine. This is another attempt. Check out the following link. Imagine how difficult it will be for this Center (owned […]


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