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  • Yang, where does it come from?

    The idea of ming men life gate fire is not found in the early classics. What many attribute to Kidney yang as being the source of all yang, some argue […]

  • Multiple Systems

    One of the great strengths of Chinese medicine is the ability to utilize multiple systems of diagnostics and treatments seamlessly in any given patient. Today is a small example: 90 […]

  • COM, CCM: bridging the gaps

    One of my goals as a practitioner of Chinese medicine and, in particular, Contemporary Oriental Medicine and Classical Chinese Medicine is to see the links between these two lineages. One […]

  • Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis seminar

    Please join us for a weekend seminar on the Shen-Hammer Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis (CCPD) pulse diagnostic system. The class will be held Sat-Sun November 21-22, 2009. As always, these […]


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