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  • Call in Support of Acupuncture Bill S1311

    Good News!!! Our acupuncture bill – S1311 – is on the agenda for a vote for the Senate Commerce Committee for Thursday, December 11th. We would like some calls made […]

  • NJ Vaccine ‘Choice’

    Please read: Call-in ALERT !! We are quickly approaching the Jan.1 deadline for NJ’s mandated flu shotWe just don’t know how many kids will be excluded from daycare & pre-school […]

  • Petition to make raw milk legal in NJ

    Please got to this site and sign. Thanks,Ross

  • Ross Rosen interview on Blog Talk Radio

    Ross Rosen interview on Blog Talk Radio

  • Request from a friend

    A wonderful human being, the brightest spot in a white space, fellow cyclist Rose Long, whom I hold dear in my heart, has suffered a tragic accident from a hit […]

  • Please Vote on the effectiveness of acupuncture

    Go to http://www.opposingviews.com/questions/does-acupuncture-work and place your vote. Time for the public to send it’s message to the medical community about the effectiveness of acupuncture.Thanks,Ross

  • Hiatus

    For those of you who are wondering why my posts have been few and far between, I wanted to assure you that I have not run out of material 🙂 […]

  • All Disease Comes From the Heart

    Check out this small article here.

  • Support for a friend

    I am forwarding this email from a dear friend who is embarking on a trip and fund raising effort for a noble cause. Please read below. Thanks. Ross I am […]

  • July Charity of the Month

    We have chosen Save Darfur as July’s charity. For those unaware of this organization, you can learn more about Save Darfur here and here. You can take action by joining […]