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  • The Four Examinations, Part 4 (Listening and Smelling Diagnosis)

    Some info on the Listening and Smelling exam Listening and Smelling Quality of voice: faint, frail, diffic getting words out: Lung qi defic or Yuan qi depleted Rough, loud, full: […]

  • The Four Examinations, Part 3 (Pediatrics: Diagnosing Children with Chinese Medicine)

    PEDIATRIC DIAGNOSIS – WIND, QI AND LIFE GATESIn pediatrics, we have this problem in that we can’t really palpate the way we palpate adults. So we have a very special […]

  • The Four Examinations, Part 2 (Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine)

    TONGUEThe tongue is one of the major pillars of diagnosis, the other main one being the pulse. The tongue body proper is going to give you information more about the […]

  • The Four Examinations (Chinese Medicine Diagnosis, Part 1)

    One of the major strengths of Chinese medicine is its ability to diagnose imbalance. It does this via the 4 Examinations or 4 Diagnoses, Inspection/Looking, Listening/Smelling, Inquiry/Asking and Palpation (pulse, […]

  • Do you have a pulse?

    Often people check the pulse to see if someone is still alive. In Chinese medicine, this is no different. In our medicine, however, we are checking for life, or health, […]

  • Breaking Bad Habits

    This is a response I wrote to a comment from a post in June on the Effects of Lifestyle. As comments from older posts are not as accessible, I thought […]

  • The Disease as Part of the Treatment

    Often in medicine, the tendency is to view illness as antagonistic. But, like everything else, a simple shift in perspective can point one in a whole new direction. If one […]

  • Rangnang Ogminling Bendirya Kunphen Ling

    Rangnang Ogminling Bendirya Kunphen Ling

    I wanted to inform everyone of the above-referenced monastery and medical school/clinic that Rinpoche has asked me to create on His behalf. I am in the process of forming a […]

  • Recent Vaccine Study

    For some reason, the debate regarding vaccines still goes on. I’ll let you guess my opinions on this subject 🙂 As this subject is immense, as I have mentioned in […]

  • State of Mind

    There is no more important determinant of one’s health than the state of mind. Of course, genetics, constitution, lifestyle habits, etc. have a large impact, but the power of our […]