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  • Faith

    A few quotes that struck me today…… “If one believes in only what modern nihilists can see, one cannot believe that there is anything beyond ordinary existence. With this view, […]

  • Resonantie

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zkox6niJ1Wc]

  • Age and Fertility

    While there is no question that age is related to reproductive capability, I often see infertility patients who feel pressured into the western assisted reproductive technologies (“ART”) in the fear […]

  • Herbs Don’t Treat Symptoms

    One of the biggest misconceptions and misuses of herbal medicines is trying to match up an herb to treat a symptom. Many people have heard that gingko treats poor memory […]

  • Powerlessness

    Ever have something happen to you that you couldn’t control, or have a loved one sick with no means to stop their suffering? This feeling of powerlessness while so often […]

  • Rinpoche’s Tibetan Monastery and Medical Clinic

    Rinpoche is reconstructing a monastery and medical clinic in Tibet. As it is a large project, anyone wishing to contribute is welcomed. You can access the site here with descriptions […]

  • Our Girl Has Arrived!

    Tatum Devani Rosen (“Cheerful Shining Celestial Goddess Full of Spirit”) was born at 5:05 am and is perfect. Ann as usual did amazing.

  • Labor of Love?

    Game on. Ann’s in labor. About 4.5 cm dilated. Regular contractions. We should have a new addition to the family in a couple hours……

  • Am I Good Enough?

    I was struck today by a patient whom I have treated for a couple of years and whom I respect as a very intelligent, caring, loving person and friend who […]

  • Medicine Buddha II

    Medicine Buddha II