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  • Radical Acceptance

    “At this very moment, can you or your circumstances be otherwise? When you understand that this present moment is all there is, you have no choice but to come to […]

  • Healthy Nutrition

    Proper nutrition is one of the most important things that we can do to ensure good health. In Chinese medicine, we say that the Spleen-Pancreas (hereinafter Spleen) is responsible for […]

  • The Path

    I just saw this on another site, and really enjoyed it.

  • Lung Cancer

    OAT CELL LUNG CANCER History: Patient is a 60 year old female with a chief complaint of oat cell Lung cancer. The cancer was diagnosed approximately 1 year prior to […]

  • Indigestion

    Patient Last Name: S Patient First Name: JTreatment Date and Time: . May 12, 2001Sex and Age: Male 48 Profession: Artist 1. Chief Complaint: Indigestion and Stomach Pain for 15 […]

  • Back Pain

    Patient Last Name: WA99 Patient First Name: JTreatment Date and Time: September 23, 1999Sex and Age: Female, 21 1. Chief Complaint: Back Pain from MVA since May 1999 2. Medical […]

  • Impotence

    Patient Last Name: Dv00 Patient First Name: ATreatment Date and Time: 5/13/00Sex and Age: Male, 29 1. Chief Complaint: impotence2. Medical History:Present Illness: the onset of patient’s illness was approximately […]

  • Amenorrhea

    History:S is a 32 year old actress and writer with a 16 year history of secondary amenorrhea. She stopped menstruating at 16, when she was also suffering from anorexia nervosa. […]

  • Case studies

    As many people reading these blog posts are not practitioners of Chinese medicine and aren’t familiar with the concepts thereof, I thought I’d post a series of case studies to […]

  • Spring is here (almost)

    Spring is here (almost)

    Tonight spring has arrived, and as such we are transitioning from the dormancy of winter (water – Kidneys) into a time marking the renewal of life (wood – Liver). Technically, […]