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  • Call for Comments

    My motivations for blogging are many, but one is to create a forum for the discussion of topics in alternative medicine and healthy living. As such, I would encourage those […]

  • Off To Costa Rica

    Off To Costa Rica

    Heading back to Manuel Antonio, where there are “still more monkeys than people.” Be back in a week.

  • The will to change

    In the previous post I mention how acupuncture and herbs spark the process of change by bringing awareness of the root of one’s struggles. This awareness is a linking of […]

  • How does one change?

    None of us is spared pain in our lives, whether it be the pain of being born, the pain of losing a loved one, the pain that comes from illness, […]

  • Organ Deprivation

    Making assumptions and jumping to conclusions in medicine can be a dangerous thing. Without a proper diagnosis, how can one choose an appropriate treatment? But all too often, medical dogma […]

  • Fate vs. Destiny

    Wondering what others think about fate and destiny. To me it’s a very interesting concept. What are we meant to do, to become. So often these concepts are used interchangeably. […]

  • Chinese Medicine vs. Medical Acupuncture

    It is not uncommon for prospective patients to call my office and ask whether or not I am a “medical doctor.” Typically, this question stems from the fact that some […]

  • New Blog Links

    I just added a few new blog links. I haven’t looked at them much yet, but they seem interesting. Let me know what you think.

  • Vitamin D

    Interesting information on Vitamin D. Meant to be read in conjunction with the prior post and articles on cod liver oil. The Miracle of Vitamin D

  • Cod Liver Oil

    While I know that this may not be news to many of you, the health benefits of cod liver oil is staggering. After reading more about this superfood recently, I […]