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  • Chinese Medicine vs. Medical Acupuncture

    It is not uncommon for prospective patients to call my office and ask whether or not I am a “medical doctor.” Typically, this question stems from the fact that some […]

  • New Blog Links

    I just added a few new blog links. I haven’t looked at them much yet, but they seem interesting. Let me know what you think.

  • Vitamin D

    Interesting information on Vitamin D. Meant to be read in conjunction with the prior post and articles on cod liver oil. The Miracle of Vitamin D

  • Cod Liver Oil

    While I know that this may not be news to many of you, the health benefits of cod liver oil is staggering. After reading more about this superfood recently, I […]

  • How red do you like your meat?

    I just came across this video. Take a look here.

  • Is there more to trauma than one’s memory?

    What would you make of a drug that aims to deal with traumas and shocks by reducing or eliminating one’s memory of the traumatic event? Would forgetting the trauma negate […]

  • Living in Accord with Nature

    One of the paramount lessons that Chinese medicine teaches is the importance of living in harmony with the cycles of nature. When one resists our ignores these cycles, imbalance sets […]

  • Cultivating Qi

    In the latest issue of Buddhadharma, Zen Master Harada Roshi was asked about the concept of Qi (ki in Japanese). He states that one can cultivate Qi doing yoga, qigong […]

  • Reduce your calories and live longer!

    The relationship between calorie restriction and longevity is a sound one. My friend, Dr. Stickley, has posted on this subject. You can access his article here. Also read my comment […]

  • Splenda far from Splendid

    The amount of food products containing Splenda and other sugar substitutes like aspartame and the sugar alcohols is increasing exponentially. Being marketed as a “healthy” alternative to refined sugars is, […]


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